Cable Trunking & Ducting System

Technical Details

Quality Standards are inbuilt in every ‘RICHA’ Cable Trunking & Ducting System. Rigid tests and checks at every step from raw material stage to manufacturing stage and finally up to finished product stage ensure that ‘RICHA’ Cable Trunking & Ducting system strictly & fully meet the standards, Tests are carried in accordance with IS:14927 (Pt-2) 2001, on well maintained and fully equipped lab with all kinds of testing machines.This lab is handled by sharp by sharp, intelligent & honest persons who are always dedicated to their faithful work.

Tests Conducted on ‘RICHA’ Cable Trunking & Ducting System:

A.Test for Dimensions:

  1. Outer width
  2. Outer height
  3. Wall thickness

B.Test for Electrical Characteristics:

  1. Access to live parts
  2. Insulation Resistance
  3. Electrical Insulating Strength

C.Test for Mechanical properties:

  1. Cable supporting test for surface mounting
  2. Linear deflection test
  3. Impact test

D.Test for Construction

E.Test for Registance Heat


  • In the electrical wiring of building cable tray system is used to support insulated electric cables.
  • Used to power ditribution and communication.
  • Cable trays are used as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit.


S.No. Size Outer Width. Outer Height Wall Thickness
1 20×12 20+/-0.2MM 12+/-0.2MM 1.2 MM(min)
2 25×12 25+/-0.2MM 12+/-0.2MM 1.2 MM(min)
3 25×16 25+/-0.2MM 16+/-0.2MM 1.2 MM(min)
4 32×12 32+/-0.2MM 12+/-0.2MM 1.2 MM(min)
5 32×16 32+/-0.2MM 16+/-0.2MM 1.2 MM(min)
6 38×20 38+/-0.2MM 20+/-0.2MM 1.3 MM(min)
7 50×20 50+/-0.2MM 20+/-0.2MM 1.5 MM(min)

Salient Features

  • Adaptable to Standard Outer Wiring System as per IS:& Bs:
  • Virgin suspension Grade k-67 PVC.
  • Processed on Twin Screws Extruders.
  • Prevents Short Circuit Hazard and are Free From Rust & Salinity & Humidity
  • Minimum Filler Ensures High Impact Strength

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Rigid PVC Conduits & Fittings For Electrical Installation






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Cable Trunking & Ducting System